Local Harvest

I recently completed the web listing for my family’s farm, Rose Orchards, on the Local Harvest website.


Local Harvest is a great source for people who want to eat food in season, learn more about farming in their area, and support local agriculture.  The site allows you to search for a specific farm, for a specific product, or for a list of farms and farmer’s markets in your area.  The best way to find healthy, delicious produce is to support your local farmer.

I always thought that I grew up spoiled because I knew what really good apples, tomatoes, and sweet corn taste like when they’re in season.  We could walk out into our yard to pick a peach or a yellow squash, and would love to eat raspberries off of the bushes.  We usually ate these foods only in season, and so we appreciated them all the more.  Come to find out, that’s the environmentally responsible way to eat as well, and many people are jumping on the local food (hay) wagon.

 Around this time of the year, I really begin to miss fresh fruit.  When I get to taste the first strawberry of the year, I will know that the cycle of delicious food has begun again!

To learn more about our farm, read this review by Faith Middleton in the New York Times.



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