Spring Flowers


Although mother nature hasn’t picked up on it yet, spring is here!  I bought some Johnny Jump-ups and Pansies to celebrate spring’s arrival.  My mom and I went to Van Wilgens, which happens to be right across the street from our farm, because I got a gift card from Ed’s brother Chris and his wife Melissa for my birthday.  I plan to plant them both around the breezeway entry.  The Pansies probably won’t come back, but the Johnny Jump-ups are annuals that will often seed themselves.  However, here in Connecticut it is far too cold to plant the flowers and leave them outside overnight.  These flowers really can’t survive in weather colder than 30 degrees F.  Instead, I put them out in the daytime and then bring them in at night.  As I was drifting off to sleep last night I realized they were still outside, and had to come downstairs around 10:30pm to grab them.  There were two deer in the yard that glared at me as if I had just stolen their next snack.  Sorry Bambi!

 You can also see my beach chair in the picture there.  I’ve been trying to enjoy the front of my house every chance I get.  I’ve only been out there about three times so far this spring, but the sunny spot with the wind blocked is really nice when the temperature goes up to above 50.  It’s a great spot to read whatever I’m hooked on at the moment, which right now is Michael Pollan‘s Second Nature.



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