What’s for Supper?


Tonight I’m planning to make BBQ chicken legs on the grill, macaroni and cheese, and salad.  I don’t normally like to buy chicken parts, preferring instead to buy a whole chicken and roast it, make stock out of it, or cut it up, but the image of those legs on the grill just made me think of summer and I had to buy them.  I always buy Nature’s Promise chickens from Stop & Shop, because that way I know they’re antibiotic free, hormone free, and are fed an all vegetable diet.

 Here’s my homemade macaroni and cheese recipe, which I learned from my mom: 

Boil a big pot of water for the pasta.  I like DeBoles organic elbows.  Cook according to package directions.

In a dutch oven, melt two Tbsp butter (I like Kate’s from Maine) and then add 2 Tbsp organic white flour.  Stir until flour cooks, about 1 minute.  Add 1 1/2 to 2 cups of skim milk (Farmer’s Cow from CT dairy farmers), and heat over low heat, stirring constantly until it’s nice and thick.  Add one block of Cabot Extra Sharp White Cheddar cheese, that you grated.  The pre-graded stuff has some kind of coating on it that I really don’t like.  Once the cheese melts, add the drained pasta to the sauce, stir to combine, top with tomato slices or bread crumbs and bake at 350 until the top is browned and the cheese is bubbly, about 20-30 minutes. 

Oh and of course for the salad we’ll use our favorite Cowgirl Ranch dressing.

In case you couldn’t tell… I like to vote with my dollars and support local (CT or New England) companies or companies that I believe in.

cowgirlbg.gif     ourproducts_cartons1.jpg

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