Will my bulbs come up?

I planted some bulbs back in January (late, I know).  I got a chance to get out in the sun today and it got me thinking about them.  Here’s what I wrote in my garden journal back when I planted them:


“Yesterday, I planted bulbs.  The temperature was in the high 40’s and I decided to get the bulbs in the ground that had been sitting in the basement since fall.  I know it’s a risk getting them in the ground this late in the season, but they won’t bloom in the basement!  I planted some by the mailbox and some in the back by the big rock.  Here’s what I planted:

“Angelique Tulips, WFF Perenial Ivory Tulips, and Calgary Narcissus by the mailbox, and those three plus a mix of unlabelled blue-shade bulbs by the rock. 

“The ground was so hard that I know I probably didn’t plant them as deep as they should go, but I’m happy it’s done and I’m anxiously awaiting spring… I hope they survived the big ‘Norester’ we got today.  We only got about 1 inch of the predicted 6.”

So I’m relying on the hardiness of bulbs from CT being able to survive our winter.  I bought them from White Flower Farm, in Litchfield.  Only time will tell if I’ll have some beautiful white and blue flowers next month.  Here’s what I was imagining when I ordered them:


Anyway, here’s a picture of what the planting in back looks like right now.  Not very spring-y yet…



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