Another Farmer’s Daughter

Since we all grew up on farms (North Branford or North Guilford), all the women in my family are farmer’s daughters.  Here’s a comment from my Aunt Dot, another farmer’s daughter!

 “This is indeed my favorite time of the year – time to get my hands back in the dirt.  My gardens are filled with memories; no need to run to the garden center to purchase plants – past generations have shared their plants with me and they continue to thrive as sweet memories.  Grandpa Wettemann’s peony, Grandma Wettemann’s Rose of Sharon, Grandma Daly’s Bridal Wreath, Mom’s Lupin, Dad’s Star flower, Lillian’s Bleeding Heart (Dicentra Spectabilis), Doug’s Oriential Iris, Pochan’s Oriential Poppys, Alice’s Fireglobe (Trollius), Mom Holden’s Bee Baum – yes the list goes on; however, I think by this time you understand how import my garden is to me!

“Our peas are planted, just a few days late of the preferred date of St. Paddy’s day.  Today the radishes and lettuce will be sowed in our sweet soil filled with compose.

“Enjoy Mother earth!”

Just a note from me… I didn’t know peas should go in the ground that early! I  had better get a move on! Mine are still sitting in the pack!

This is why I love the outdoors, it is a part of my heritage and we can all relate to it! Thanks, Aunt Dot!


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