How Eco-Friendly is the Eco Jacket?

I was very excited when I heard about Levi’s new Eco line.  In fact, I thought for a moment about buying myself one of their new Eco-Denim Jackets.  Then I thought about it… I already have a denim jacket, and it’s worn in pretty nicely (it’s over 8 years old… and yes, it still fits).  How would buying something that I don’t need be better for the environment, or my bank account, than just continuing to wear my same old favorite jacket?  The answer: it’s not better.  In fact, it will encourage people to do just what I thought about, toss their perfectly good jackets and pick up new ones.  And by the way, this new jacket is a cropped, trendy trucker-style.  Which means that unlike my tried-and-true jacket, it will soon be out of style.  Meaning that consumers will have to buy a new jacket, which I’m sure Levi’s will be happy to design to fit whatever trend is popular at the moment.  I’ll keep my free, classic jacket, thank you.

While I’m on the topic of denim trends, I just have to note that I hate the whole dirty-washed denim thing.  I have plenty of dirt-stained denim, and it’s not because I bought it that way.  In fact, I try to keep our pants from turning into that trendy denim.  And if people want to look like they’ve been working so hard their pants are filthy, what ever happened to actually working in the dirt? Huh?!?! Because people will pay money to look like they work hard so they don’t have to actually work hard.  Because it’s about the image, not the value of hard work.  Does anyone else that works hard find that offensive?


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