Gardening Week in Review

So it’s Friday, and my April vacation begins!  I hadn’t been able to find time to post pictures of my gardening adventures during the week, so I’ll just do a week’s worth now.

Saturday and Sunday: I got my Johnny Jump-ups and Pansies in the ground.  I also admired my seedlings and planted some flower seeds.

Monday: Ed and I marked out where we would like our vegetable garden to go in the back yard.

Tuesday: Added some cow manure and rotatilled.

Wednesday: My brother Nate dropped off some loam with his new truck to add to the garden (sorry, I didn’t take pictures of that.) 

Thursday: Ed rotatilled again.

Friday: Garden’s ready and waiting!  And so are the deer…




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2 responses to “Gardening Week in Review

  1. I’m envious, rain and low of 30 degrees tonight. We are past ready here in Nebraska to start planting.

  2. I’m so jealous of your large garden plot! Check mine out in this post:

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