Earth Day Parade

My mom and I went to Madison’s first Earth Day Clean Energy Parade.  Although the event was small and not well attended, I enjoyed it.  The parade had some hybrid and electric cars in it, as well as Segues and kids riding bikes.  Afterward, there were a few tables to visit.  We chatted with the folks from the Shoreline Greenway Trail, Meigs Point Nature Center at Hammonasset State Park, and stopped at a table to learn about CT Clean Energy Options.  I signed up for the Clean Energy Options back in March, and now 100% of our electricity comes from wind and small-scale hydropower.  What’s best, it only costs an additional $7 per month, and I get the same UI bill as I did before.  Visit their site for more information.

Little girl riding in the parade.

Madison’s first hybrid town vehicle.

A Smart Car from Zanes Cycles.  They gave us a couple of water bottles.

A hybrid.

A carpooling hybrid.

A hybrid SUV.

 Another hybrid SUV.

Some more kids riding their bikes.


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