Happy Birthday to the Farmer

April 19th was my Dad’s birthday.  We had my family over for supper to celebrate!  Guests included Dad, Mom, Jonathan, Nathaniel and Duke.  It was beautiful outside, so we sat out on the deck with make-shift deck furniture (a few beach chairs, my computer chair, and the two Adirondack chairs that Nate built for us).

I made ribs, which were a big hit.  I also made Boston Cream Pie, which is my dad’s favorite, for dessert.  I used the recipe from Everyday Baking, which did not come out very well.  The cake part was fine, but the cream filling was too hard, almost like gelatin, which I think was because the recipe called for too much cornstarch.  And the chocolate on top, although very pretty, needed some sugar added.  And my family is certainly not shy about critiquing my cooking!

Here’s a picture of Ed and Duke on the deck.

Happy Birthday Dad!


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