What’s your footprint?

One of my students emailed me this quiz from American Public Media: http://sustainability.publicradio.org/consumerconsequences/

You can go there to take a quiz about the ecological consequences of your lifestyle, including your home, energy use, transporation, shopping habits, and waste.  At the end, it will tell you how many earths would be required if all of the 6.6 billion people on this earth lived the way you do.  I took the quiz, and it would take 3.8 earths to support a world of me’s.  What I liked is that it will present you with a graph to show you what areas of your life need to be changed.  For me, it was transportation (I knew that, my car’s 11 years old…) and the size of my house (which of course I can’t change).  The site is also cutesy in that it will let you pick your own avatar.  I was annoyed, by the way, that long, blond hair was not an option.  I had to choose short curly blond hair, which is just not me.  Oh well.

This site looks like an update on the site I used to show to my classes, to help them calculate their eco-footprint.  I just visited the site and it says they’re working on a new version.  For future reference, here’s that address: www.earthday.net/footprint/

So visit the site and find out how many earths a world of you’s would need! Please post your results below!



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2 responses to “What’s your footprint?

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  2. Jon

    kicked your butt… i use 9.7 earths. Lets see someone beat that!!!!

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