Saturday Gardening

It was dreary outside today, but we still spent most of the day out and about.  We went over to Ed’s parents’ house to pick up one more load of aged manure.  Here’s Ed using the tractor to dump manure into the truck.  Too bad we had to use a shovel and a wheelbarrow at home…

After we got the manure into the garden and spread out, I was finally able to plant some of my seedlings.  I hope the lettuce and peas will be happy in their new home.

Since I was filthy anyway, I decided to weed and rake out the back garden, which I had been neglecting.  No blooms there yet, but the bleeding hearts are close.  I hope the hydrangeas and peony will do well, too.  Since it’s shady there in the afternoon, I plan to fill this garden in with impatiens.

Special thanks to Molly and Frieda for their manure.  Why do they remind me of Eddie (the Sheepdog) so much? Oh, because they’re hairy and look grumpy in this picture.


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One response to “Saturday Gardening

  1. Nate

    Thats not a real tractor, more like a lawnmower.

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