Beauty Product Review: Burt’s Bees Chemical Free Sunscreen SPF 30

Today I used my Burt’s Bees Chemical Free Sunscreen, SPF 30, for the first time. 

First, let me say that sunscreen is extremely important to me.  Although I identify myself as American, my heritage can be traced to England, Germany, Ireland, and Switzerland.  Which is fine, if you like cottage gardens, christmas trees, potatoes, and chocolate.  (Check, check, check, check.)  However, the problem arises when I want to go out in the sun without getting toasted.  I can’t.  None of my DNA has sun protection.  I get burned all of the time.  I’ve already been burned three times this year.  My first sunburn was over April vacation when i went for a walk on the beach with my mom.  I thought I was well covered, as you can see in the picture below.

However, I burned my face, even with a visor on, and the tops of my feet, which is extremely painful.  My second burn was during our Lake Gaillard walk.  It was cloudy all day, so I didn’t wear sunglases.  My face proceeded to burn in the area my sunglasses had protected during my previous burn.  I woke up with very sore red welts under my eyes.  My third burn happened yesterday.  It was so pretty yesterday afternoon that I had to get outside and work on my lap top.  I got burned from my short sleeves to my elbows, and from my knees to my ankles.  I wore socks, of course, remembering my crispy feet from April.

Well, today, I was certain to wear my sunscreen outside while reading.  I slathered on the Burt’s Bees Chemical Free Sunscreen, SPF 30, and was thoroughly disappointed.  It is bright yellow, and left a yellow film on my arms and legs.  It did not absorb, and started to flake off as I continued to try to rub it in.  What’s more, I can’t get  it off.  I just tried taking a bath and using some exfoliating body wash (which hurts on sunburn), and I’m still greasy.  I will never use this sunscreen again.

My overall grade for Burt’s Bees Chemical Free Sunscreen, SPF 30, is a D.  Although I hated it, I didn’t get burned any more, so I have to give them that much.

However, I must add that I usually like Burt’s Bees products, including shampoo, face wash, lip balm, and lotion.  I’ve recently been especially appreciative of their Aloe and Linden Flower After Sun Soother.



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2 responses to “Beauty Product Review: Burt’s Bees Chemical Free Sunscreen SPF 30

  1. I am attending a Burt’s Bees personal care talk at the National Institute of Health next week. Maybe I can drop a comment regarding your experience. I tried Alba sunscreen for our trip to Florida. It worked, except in places I neglected to thoroughly cover. I like you have white , almost transparent skin coloring, so I really burned. Anyway, I liked the scent and application feeling of alba’s sunscreen.

    Sorry to hear that Burt’s Bees disappointed though.

  2. Whoo! so glad that you tested this out before I bought it for my husband who has the same coloring as you AND jmama!

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