Mother’s Day Brunch

(Mom, Mema, me, Aunt Dot.  Do I look like a giant?)

Today we went to my Aunt Dot and Uncle Mont’s house for a Mother’s Day Brunch.  While we were there, Aunt Dot gave us a tour of her beautiful gardens.

Aunt Dot’s nifty fence to keep out the invasive bittersweet.

The memory tree, planted in memory of loved ones.

Aunt Dot and Uncle Mont planted this white pine when they moved into their house, 40-something years ago.

Beautiful Dogwood tree.

The wisteria-covered arbor.

Wisteria.  Aunt Dot has promised to give me some of her wisteria when we decide where we’d like the arch from our wedding to permanently live.

The water garden.

Beginnings of water hyacinth.  Aunt Dot says it will cover the pond by summer.

The beginning of a banana tree?  We’ll see…

The birdhouse that Aunt Dot gave me to bring home.  She grows the gourds, lets them dry, then turns them into birdhouses by cutting holes, collecting the seeds, and painting them.  She also gave me some seeds.  Uncle Mont says they’ll climb up trees! I’m going to try it!

Our feet.  Don’t ask why.  I’m not sure.


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One response to “Mother’s Day Brunch

  1. farmersdaughterct

    Thanks Jon, for telling me to point out that I am NOT a giant. I’m 5’6″ with no shoes on. My mom’s family is abnormally short. Fortunately, my dad’s abnormally tall, so I’m just abbienormal. Oh, and Aunt Dot’s on her tippy toes in that picture.

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