Water-Saving Challenge

I just signed up for Crunchy Domestic Goddess’s Five-Minute Shower Challenge!  The challenge is to take five-minute showers throughout the months of June, July and August to conserve water.  I learned all about navy showers at the Island School, so I know I can do it!  My long hair will make it difficult, but I’m up for it.  I had been feeling guilty lately about all of the water I’ve been using on my gardens, so I see this as my way to cut back elsewhere.

I’ve also been known to take a long, hot bath with a good book, so I’m hoping I can cut those out, too.  Good thing that wasn’t explicitly a part of the challenge…

I hope you can challenge yourself to sign up!



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3 responses to “Water-Saving Challenge

  1. Duke

    You have well water, so the water comes out of the ground, in to your septic system or garden and back in to the ground to be re-used in your well…….so whats the point?

  2. Mom


    Due to our “green” experience at the Island School, we’re used to 5-min. “Navy” showers, so you should be an expert at that!

    Actually, do you need to give up your luxurious baths? Doesn’t a bath take less water than a shower b/c it isn’t running right down the drain? Perhaps you can take a “Mema” bath? Remember? Your grandparents were “green” before green was cool!


  3. farmersdaughterct

    OK, who taught Duke how to use the computer??? And how does a dog know that I have well water? I think my brothers are heckling me again…

    I’m trying to be a role model here! And by the way, ground water can move large distances horizontally.

    Although I tend to agree with Duke that water conservation is not our biggest concern here, what with the big reserviour up the hill from us…

    But every little bit counts!

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