Gardening Update

It’s June! And our gardens are doing well.  Here’s a little summary.

Front Flower Bed

First blooming rose, lots of buds.

First peony bloom ever!  Just started to open.

Lots of hydrangea buds.

Vegetable Garden

Lettuce is almost ready!

Staked the tomatoes.

Cukes, squash, and pumpkins are up.

And of course… the wildflowers are putting on quite a show at the edge of the lawn.

Do you like butter?

These are just beautiful!

I forgot to take pictures of the back flower garden.  But the bleeding hearts are going strong, there aren’t any buds on the peony, and the hydrangeas have a lot of buds.  In the back there’s are three hydrangeas: blue, white and pink, where as in the front I only planted my favorite blue.  I can’t wait until they open! Then I’ll know summer’s here.


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  1. Beautiful! I love the photos of your hydrangea.

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