New Tractor

Ed convinced me that we need a tractor.  You see, I thought that we only needed a lawn mower.  However, Ed’s argument that he can buy all of these different attachments over the years, like a snow plow, that will make it so much more valuable than a lawn mower, plus the 0% financing convinced me. 

Ed’s so happy to have this tractor.  He mowed the lawn then washed it last night.  He’s outside riding it around with my brother Nathaniel right now.


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2 responses to “New Tractor

  1. Marie

    Hi Ab
    That is so cute, he was all excited and I love the pictures, I could see him in my mind’s eye and yes, it was just how I imagined. Now he is an official homeowner, he has his very own Deere. Congrats!
    Have fun!
    Mom marie xo

  2. Mom

    Congratulations! I know Ed is very happy and your brothers were very enthused to share his enthusiasm tonight!

    Just promise that YOU won’t drive the tractor barefooted!


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