Stairs for our Deck

Yesterday, Ed built these steps for our back deck.  I was surprised that it only took one day, but after all, he is a “stairmaster…”  He used up the rest of our “salvaged” (read: FREE) decking.  The wood is called ipe (pronounced E-pay), and is a tropical hardwood.  I was against using it, but when my dad was ripping a deck off of a house, and it was going into the trash, saving this wood and reusing it was the best of both worlds.  We got the kind of wood Ed wanted, without cutting down any more trees.  When I took these pictures, Ed asked me if I was going to put them on the “blob.”

Ed’s going to wait to put the risers on until we can get some more free (oh, I mean salvaged) material.

Top view of the stairs.  The difficult part about using salvaged decking was that the holes are already in the wood, and you have to make sure that they’ll line up with the beams on the new deck.  Note the beautiful stamped concrete that my dad and brothers put in.

Oh, and on an unrelated note, here are some pictures of Ed and my brothers playing with our new toy.


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  1. A Hot Chick

    Who is the good lookin guy on the tractor?

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