Mom’s Strawberry Picking Memories

My mom just sent me this picture along with the memory below.  My mom grew up on a dairy farm, and at 19 married my dad and moved to his farm.  They’ve been married 30 years.

“Picking these luscious Jersey Belles brought back fond (?) memories of when we used to go out to pick at about 5 am, before you were born, when I was still working at Wire Journal.  We loved the Jersey Belles, because with their huge size, the quart baskets filled up that much faster.  It was a competition between Dad, your aunts and uncle, and everyone in the family – – including Grandma Rose— to see who could pick the most quarts.  I think Auntie Di may have held the record!  Then, I’d scrub my nails to get rid of that tell-tale red stain and head off to my job in publishing . . .  Then, when you were born, we picked strawberries with you, and then with your brothers.  Come on down and let’s pick some together . . .”

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