Now that Strawberry Week is officially over, I can post about something else!  The hydrangeas are finally beginning to open, so I picked a few for a pretty little arrangement.  I can’t wait until the flowers are fully open, I just know the front of the house will be beautiful all summer long!

For those of you who still want more strawberries, don’t worry.  I’ve still got a few more recipes up my sleeve, and the season is still going strong.  There will be more…



Filed under Gardening, Home, Sustainable Living

2 responses to “Hydrangeas

  1. vikingmutter

    I love these flowers! my husband is allergic to them. I’ll admire them on your blog instead. post some more photos of them please!

  2. I love the smell of hydrangeas! Mine are blooming, too, only I have the oakleaf kind, which are native to my area.

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