Backsplash, Part II

Ed finished the backsplash in the kitchen!  I’m very happy because it looks so good!

To say “Thanks!” I baked a strawberry crumb pie.

In other news, we have no water! Our pressure thingy for the pump is malfunctioning.  Again.  This happened a couple of months ago.  Now, we’ve only lived here for 6 months.  We’ve had problems with the water twice now.  I’m extremely angry, but I was able to get somebody on the phone who will come to fix it tomorrow.  They had better fix it fix it this time.

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One response to “Backsplash, Part II

  1. Marie

    Hi Ed and Ab
    The bead board looks fantastic, I love it! Nice job, see how nice it is to have such a handy husband, nice right? Such talent, you two make a great team. Pretty nice looking pie, looks yummy. I bet Ed loved that.
    That really stinks about the water situation, I wonder what the problem is, you can always come over here if you need to. TEll Ed, his Anniversary gift to you looks great. Talk to you tomorrow.
    Love and hugs
    Mom Marie

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