Native Corn!

It’s last night.  My brother Jonathan is calling me.  I know what he wants to ask.

“We already ate supper tonight. You can’t come over.”

“Abbie, if we bring some delicious, fresh picked, native sweet corn…”


That’s pretty much how my brothers invited themselves over for supper tonight.  But it’s OK, because they brought a dozen ears of corn that they picked just before they came over.  It won’t be on sale at our farm market until Thursday, so we got a special sneak preview.  It was sweet and tender “Butter and Sugar” corn.  We boiled it for a minute or so, until just cooked.  Served with a little butter and salt and pepper, nothing says “Summer!” like native corn.

I’ve decided that next week will be “Corn Week” and I’m brainstorming posts… If you have any requests for Corn Week posts, leave a comment.



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5 responses to “Native Corn!

  1. Dotty Bavin


    Don’t forget to make corn fritters; they are my favorite! I’m sure that you must have some maple syrup to drizzle over them and you will be set to go with a quick and hearty supper!

    I especially love the story about Grandpa Gedney protecting her newborn from polio. How often do we wish we had taken the time to hear all the stories that our Great Grandmothers could have shared.

    I was thinking about Grandma Wettemann this morning – I could write a book about memories of her; however, I was remembering that each night we would bring the fresh milk down from the barn and put it in her frig. At home we never had hummel hot dogs with the skin and we were always tempted (and did) take a piece of the cooked hot dogs on the plate on the frig. Today it dawned on me, they were purposely left for the hungry milk maid to snitch!

    Enjoy your summer….hugs

  2. farmersdaughterct

    I’ve never made corn fritters. Do you have a recipe you can share with me?

  3. Too funny. While reading this post, I am eating my (late) lunch of corn with couscous. To add a little seasoning, I stirred in a spoonful of date-tamarind chutney. Yum yum!

    I have more CSA fresh corn in the refrigerator. One potential use is to make corn relish to can – my water bath canner is feeling very neglected lately.

  4. farmersdaughterct

    Chile- Do you need a pressure canner for corn? I’ve never canned it, and I usually freeze it, but I can see the merit in canning it. I thought you needed a pressure canner, which is why I’ve never canned it. What do you do?

  5. Could soneone PLEASE let me know how to freeze native corn. I would like to do it on the cob. Also after doing it and freezing it when I want to use it a month or so down the line what how do I cook it so it stays crisp like original fresh corn, or does it. I need some suggestions. Thanks to anyone who will help. Thanks!!!

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