Sunday Stroll

I noticed that Joyce does a Sunday Stroll on her blog, and after watching for a few weeks, I’ve decided to join in.  Since it’s my first stroll, I’ve got some more general pictures to give you an idea of the layout of my house and gardens (if you’ve never been here!).  In the future, I’m sure I’ll have more close-ups and updates.

Here’s a shot of the front of our house.  Note that “brown is the new green” when it comes to our front lawn… we don’t water it but every time I look at it I think we need to start!  Ed and I designed our home to look like a cute little cottage, with the dormers in the front and on the garage.  They look so good with Christmas candles in them.  The walkway in the front is stenciled concrete, done by my dad and brothers.  In the garden, we have blue hydrangeas and white and yellow petunias, along with a few pink roses and pink peonies thrown in by the porch.  If you want a close up of the hydrangeas- just look up at the Farmer’s Daughter title bar.  Ed built the archway (by the garage) for our wedding.


Here’s our vegetable garden.  In it, we grow lettuce, peas, carrots, green beans, tomatoes, yellow squash, pickle cukes, pumpkins, butternut squash, spaghetti squash and sunflowers.  It’s kind of a tight fit… Today I ripped out the peas and planted some new ones, along with some more carrots and lettuce for the fall.


Here’s a shot of the back garden.  I have morning glories, bleeding hearts, white, pink and blue hydrangeas, a peony, white petunias and white impatiens in this garden.  The impatiens love that they only have morning sun here.  That walkway is also stenciled concrete.

Here’s the back view of our house.  For some reason, the back yard is much greener than the front.

Here’s the hay field on the side of our house.  My brother Nathaniel came up in the big tractor to mow the hay.  Boys will be boys and Ed and Nathaniel lined up the tractors and asked me to take a picture for the “blob.”  I guess since I was doing a Sunday Stroll, it worked out perfectly.  The tractor on the left is my family’s and the tractor on the right is Ed’s and mine.

To see who else is strolling today, head on over to:

Oh, and I know I said “Corn Week” will begin today.  It will! I’ll post a picture of our supper later on.


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9 responses to “Sunday Stroll

  1. Nice blob post , Abbie! Glad you joined the club. It is strange that your front yard is so much drier than the back. Do you suppose it has to do with how much topsoil was left after grading for construction? People here have been protesting that contractors will strip off the gorgeous black dirt and leave the clay, so that they can sell the topsoil. But I thought you guys built youselves, so maybe that’s not possible?
    Okay, can you tell I live in central Illinois? Even city people love to talk about dirt here!

  2. farmersdaughterct

    Haha! I’m tempted to tell you it’s “soil” not “dirt” as I tell my students. “Dirt” is what’s under my fingernails!
    We have the same problem here, but since our family built, we didn’t have that problem with our topsoil. I think the problem is that the back has afternoon shade, while the front has afternoon sun. Also, we put the front lawn in last fall, and the back lawn in this spring. There’s a seed that they put in that only lasts for a year, which is very bright green and grows fast, so you have a lawn right away. I think that’s why the back is so green.

  3. Abbie, Thank you for joining our stroll. I really enjoyed our tour of your property. I like the fence set-up around your veggie garden. So cute. I hope you will join us again. Nice to meet you!

  4. You’re right about soil and dirt! They used to chide us about that in Master Gardening class. It’s kind of like saying “bug” instead of insect.

  5. Nate

    Lets clear this dead lawn issue up. First of all that gorgeous black dirt is called LOAM or Top Soil. Your house is located in a field that has been farmed for hudreds of years so the loam was about 18-24 inches deep. We Stripped the loam off before construction and stockpiled for later use. During Backfilling the Foundation we ran short of fill material and used the extra loam (which sells for 15-20 dollars a yard)so in your front yard there is about 3-5 feet of loam so that is clearly not the issue. It has been a dry summer but a quick glance at your neighboring green hay field shows that it has not been a drought. Your back lawn is mainly weeds which are very tough plants and can survive dry weather. The grass seed used was a Contractors Mix which has rye seed to germinate quickly for the first year but also has other grasses to stay in the years to come.So in my oppinion the only variable that is different between your front lawn and the green hay field is that someone with a shiny new lawnmower has to much fun mowing the lawn so he keeps lowering the mower deck which is killing the lawn.

  6. Uh-oh. Did I start something? Sorry Abbie!

  7. farmersdaughterct

    Wow- Looks like my little brothers are at it again!

    Yes, Nathaniel and Jonathan, I know we have a ton of topsoil! I would never accuse you of taking it, so don’t worry about that.

    I would agree that someone got a new tractor and has been mowing the lawn a little too much! What I don’t understand is why the front is so much darker than the back, although the weeds should explain it.

    And let me also just add, boys, that I helped put in our lawn… I’m the one who “broomed” in the seed along the whole thing, so believe me, I don’t want to have to replace it!

    Finally- to my brothers- remember what I told you about “mean” comments? Watch out or I’ll start to delete them again! If you want me to keep cooking you suppers when Mom’s not around, you’ll think of nicer way to comment!

  8. That’s telling them, sis! You and my daughter would have some fun talking about “brother control”.

  9. farmersdaughterct

    OK boys- I left your first comment… but then I deleted the rest! You need to be nicer to me!

    Note- people can’t detect that you’re my little pesky brothers (even though you’re 6’3″ and 6’5″) online. So I’m deleting you until you have something nice to say!

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