Independence Days Update

OK, it’s only been a few days since I signed up for Sharon’s Independence Days Challenge, but here’s an update.

  1. Plant something.  I planted some lettuce seeds, another row of carrots, some more peas and some more green beans.
  2. Harvest something.  Basil, the last of the peas, the first of the green beans.
  3. Preserve something.  I made and froze pesto with the basil and garlic from Chris and Melissa.  I also blanched and froze 1 bag of peas and 2 bags of green beans.
  4. Prep something.  I pulled out the bolted lettuce and the dying pea plants, weeded and got the ground ready to plant seeds.
  5. Cook something new.  green beans (new recipe)
  6. Manage your reserves.  I cleaned all of the clutter out of the pantry.
  7. Reduce waste. (Sharon added this one from the original.)  I tossed all of the bolted lettuce, ends of the beans, shells of the peas, and corn husks in the woods for the animals.  Does that count?
  8. Work on local food systems.  Got native corn from my family’s farm.  Got onions and garlic from Chris and Melissa’s garden.  Spreading the corn word through Corn Week posts!
  9. Learn a new skill. (Also added)- None that I can think of.  But I did learn that Ed and I can’t possibly eat 24 heads of lettuce when they’re all ready at the same time… so I think that counts.  I learned from all the bolted lettuce and will succession plant from now til the end of the lettuce season.

OK, OK, Corn Week will continue later today…

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One response to “Independence Days Update

  1. Hey Abbie, if you want the Japanese pickle recipe, you can email me. (Can’t post it online due to copyright restrictions.)

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