Tribute to Little Brothers

My two brothers, Jonathan (age 24) and Nathaniel (age 19) have been reading my blog a lot.  And if you follow along in the comments, you might think they’re not very nice to me.  However, I feel the need to say that’s not the case.  My brothers are both intelligent, funny and sarcastic, and picking on their big sister is just their way.  And I love them.  So although I might have to delete a few of their comments here and there, I want you to know that my brothers are really great. 

They’re farm boys who love parties at my parents’ pool.

They’re excellent pumpkin growers.

They love our mom.

They love animals.

They’re good with machinery.

They’re abnormally tall.

They take after our dad (obviously in height).

They build sweet houses (like ours).

And ladies… They’re single!



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3 responses to “Tribute to Little Brothers

  1. Ruth


    That was a beautiful, very generous piece you posted on your brothers. However pesky they might be, they do love you and I love the relationship you three have. As you know, they consider you dear husband as their brother, too.

    I especially like the way you ended the message. Yes, they ARE single . . . any cute young girls out there? Take them off MY hands!


  2. Too cute!! The pumpkins are amazing and I always like to hear about how men love their mom – having two boys myself.

  3. Ruth

    Green Bean,

    You’re too nice, but did you see the look on their faces in that picture? I think that caption may have been the tiniest bit sarcastic, as they were probably really thinking, “C’mon, Mom, what dorky thing are you doing now?”

    I know them too well! But, I love them, too!


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