Freezing Corn

I absolutely admit that I have been neglecting Corn Week.  I have a good reason, which I’ll write more about tomorrow (or possibly the day after)… I promise it’s a good one!

Anyway, just a quick post about how to freeze corn for now, then I promise that I have more extravagant recipes coming!  I was going to wait until I got a minute to freeze some corn, but it probably won’t be for a couple of weeks.  After Laura asked about freezing corn, I decided to make time to post about it.

Freezing corn is so simple!  You can do a lot or a little.  If you’re going to do it, I suggest doing a lot!

  1. Put a big pot of water on the stove to boil.  Husk corn while waiting.  Prepare a large bowl of ice water.
  2. Blanch corn in the boiling water for 1 minute. 
  3. Remove corn and put in ice water bath.
  4. Slice the corn off of the cob.  See Chile’s post for more details!
  5. Place corn in freezer bags or canning jars, label, and freeze.

There, I told you it was easy!  You can stir some of this corn into stews or soups all winter long.  I like adding it to chicken pot pies, beef stew, or just warming it up in a pan as a side dish.  It is way better than store-bought canned corn!

More on what’s been keeping me so busy coming soon!!!


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6 responses to “Freezing Corn

  1. Thank you much! As soon as it is available (the corn) I will be putting your tips to use!

  2. Unless we got a glut of corn, very little of it makes it to the freezer. We like corn!

    Last year, though, I ended up drying a bunch of corn because I received more than we could eat at once. I dried it both raw and roasted by hanging ears (without husks or silk) in pantyhose, with a knot between each ear. This hung out in the garage (no vehicle emissions) for about 6 weeks. IThis probably would not work in a humid climate, but in the desert, air drying worked just fine.

  3. farmersdaughterct

    Laura- Let me know how it goes.

    Chile- How do you eat dried corn? What do you use it for? I don’t think I’d be able to air dry it hear, as it’s really humid, but maybe in the basement with the wood stove going in the winter, if it didn’t get moldy before then.

  4. Richard gore

    Dear Abbie, can I freeze fresh corn in husk with vacuum
    sealing machine? I always
    cook mine after wetting husk
    for 3 min in microwave oven.
    Never any luck with all those
    freezing ideas.

  5. farmersdaughterct

    Hi Richard- I’m not sure. Never tried it.

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