Tonight, we had a surprise birthday party for Ed’s mom, Marie.  Let me tell you, it is hard to throw someone a surprise party at her own house!  But, somehow, we pulled it off!

Look how surprised she was!

Ed gives his mom a hug.

Guests in the backyard included family and friends.  Here, they’re enjoying the gardens and…

…the pizza! The Big Green Pizza Truck made a bunch of brick oven pizzas, with all different toppings.  They even used some of the clams that Chris and Ed caught this morning to make bacon and clam pizza, and they made my personal favorite, fresh tomato with pesto and fresh mozzarella.

Ed’s sister Kate, Mom Marie, and me.  We had Foxon Park sodas, made locally in East Haven, a couple of towns over.  You can’t have New Haven style pizza without Foxon Park soda.  I like the birch beer best!

Grammy, Rich (Ed’s Dad) and Kate show Marie (via a rigged Scrabble game) that she’s going to Italy in September as her birthday gift and 35th Wedding Anniversary present!

Coconut cupcakes served as the birthday cake.  Other desserts included blueberry caramels, maple cotton candy, gelato and ice cream.

Happy 55th Birthday!!!


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2 responses to “Surprise!

  1. Ruth

    Happy Birthday, Marie! You have a fabulous family who delivered you a truly deserved, wonderful surprise! I’m not quite sure how Kate, who master-minded it, pulled it off in your own backyard (which is incredibly beautiful, blooming in flowers)! I know she enlisted family and friends to keep you away for the day, but still . . . You’re got a pretty incredible husband, there, too, and wonderful sons and daughters-in-law! Enjoy your trip to Italy with Rich!

    We were so happy to be included to help you celebrate this special event. Enjoy the day after!

    Ab–Is this why you’ve been “neglecting” corn week? Ha! Ha!


  2. Marie

    That was one of the best, if not the best days of my life, I had such a wonderful time and I loved every second of it, thank you so much for your love and participation and all of the little touches that made it so awesome. Good luck with Ed while we are in Italy, he will be a twit the whole time we are gone. I am so excited. Thanks so much. I am so blessed and my cup runneth over.
    love you guys
    Mom Marie

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