Freezing Corn, Part II

The other day, I wrote about how to freeze corn, but due to how busy I was with the surprise party, I didn’t freeze it then.  Today, I took advantage of the scorching hot weather outside by staying in and freezing two dozen ears of Butter and Sugar from my family’s farm.

I also tried out a new method that I saw Rachael Ray using on TV to cut the kernals off of the cob.  She took a large bowl, turned a small bowl with a flat bottom upside down inside it, and rested the cob on the small bowl.  When you cut the kernals off, they fall right into the big bowl (and not everywhere else).  I found that I could cut up about a dozen at a time before having to empty the bowl, and there were minimal kernals on the floor, counter, and me, which made me really happy that I tried this technique, because when I freeze corn, it’s usually a very messy project. 

Here’s a picture of the big bowl/little bowl set up.

And here’s a picture of the 7 bags (2 cups each) of corn kernals that I got!


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6 responses to “Freezing Corn, Part II

  1. Abbie, I wonder if you have any advice. I froze corn last year. Okay only a bag. It turned out all mushy and pretty gross when we thawed it out. I did what you suggest in your intial post – or I think I did. I mean it was a year ago. I’m wondering if it was storage? Should I try to suck the air out of the bags or something? How does yours taste when you thaw it out?

  2. Duke

    I hate to correct something “Mom Too” said in an earlier comment, but when I was eating my corn on the cob tonight, I counted 16 rows, so I think that all corn has an EVEN number of rows! Jonathan and Nathaniel even checked theirs and they had 14 and 16 rows each. What do you think?

    I wanted to send you a picture of me enjoying my corn, but I can’t upload it to your blob. I’ll e-mail it to you and if you think it’s cute, maybe you’ll post it.

    Keep counting those rows!


  3. farmersdaughterct

    Green Bean- When I use it, I dump it frozen into a soup, stew, etc. Or I dump it frozen into a pan with a little butter and cook it til it’s warm. I have never thawed it first, so I wonder if it gets all mushy then? I’m not sure, though.
    Did you use freezer bags? I try to squish out the air, but I don’t suck it out or anything. I’ve never had that problem.
    At least you only did one bag! I’d be pretty mad if all these bags were mushy!

  4. Thanks Abbie. I guess I should just stick with doing it frozen and putting in chili and soup. I did use a freezer bag. Thanks. I’ll have to try it again this year. You give me hope it will turn out. 🙂

  5. farmersdaughterct

    Duke- I posted your picture, did you see? And how did a Golden Retriever learn to type? Are you and Eddie (the Sheepdog) going to start blogging? That would be a fun read!

    Green Bean- that sounds good in chili! I never thought of it. A woman I know makes cornbread with a can of corn in it, so you get the little bits of corn as you eat it. I bet that would work well with frozen corn. We used to “tailgate” to my brother’s high school football games, and we loved having chili with the corny corn bread. You’re bringing back memories!

  6. wayne

    When cutting corn off the cob us a Angel Food Cake Pan. Put ear end into the opening in pan holds cob steady

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