Sunday Stroll, July 20

Fruits (and Flowers) of My Labor

To see who else is strolling today, visit



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4 responses to “Sunday Stroll, July 20

  1. Don’t yu just love sunflowers? Yours look great!

    We don’t have sweet corn yet, in this area, which is VERY unusual. Eveyrthing was planted very late, or planted repeatedly because of the floods we had this spring. I’m dying for it to come on soon!

  2. Abbie, Your veggies and flowers look great. I especially love the sunflowers. I have only a couple this year and they are still small and without buds.

    Thanks for strolling along again this week!

  3. I enjoyed strolling through your garden, you certainly have lots of lovely veggies. When you have time come and stroll on The Gardener Side

  4. farmersdaughterct

    Joyce- Yes I do love sunflowers! I’ve never grown them before and I can’t believe how easy they were. Oops- I probably just jinxed myself and they’ll all die. Corn is so dependent on the weather, and the earliest we’ve ever had our own is July 4, which is a real treat.

    Aisling- I love the Sunday Stroll. I would have strolled longer yesterday if it wasn’t so hot!

    Crafty Gardener- I’ll have to check out your site soon!

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