Independence Days Update, July 21

Plant something.  

  • a few lettuce seeds

Harvest something. 

  • basil
  • parsley
  • chives
  • green beans
  • yellow squash
  • crookneck squash
  • pickle cukes

Preserve something. 

  • froze corn
  • froze green beans
  • canned blueberries

Prep something

  • Ed and I started planning our pantry cabinets and shelving

Cook something new.  

Manage your reserves.  

  • labelled the strawberry jam and strawberry preserves I made last month 

Reduce waste.

  • continue to carry reusable shopping bags

Work on local food systems

  • native corn

Learn a new skill.

  • how to can blueberries


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2 responses to “Independence Days Update, July 21

  1. You go girl! I wish I could stop over and get a lesson about canning . My green friend of the week Elizabeth gave me awesome instructions, but I need someone who knows what they’re doing to lead me through the process. Anyway, it sounds like you are staying focused and accomplishing a lot this summer. I’m looking forward to hearing more!

  2. farmersdaughterct

    Thanks Green Mamma- I’m self-taught, so you can definately teach yourself. But it is scary the first time around!

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