Three Little Pigs

Here are the pigs that Ed’s parents got.  They’re about two months old now, and in late November, half of one of these pigs will go in our freezer.

The spotted pig is Wilbur, the dark pig is Templeton, and the pink pig is Charlotte.

And here they are with Mr. Zuckerman Mr. Arable Ed’s dad, Rich.

They love their water bowl, especially laying in it and tipping it over.

Charlotte loves the water.

Melissa loves the pigs and has bathed them and cleaned up after them the last couple of days.  Chris said she could pick up Charlotte without a squeal.  Unfortunately, Melissa was at work tonight, otherwise I’d have a picture of that!


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8 responses to “Three Little Pigs

  1. I thought their was a rule against naming livestock you were going to eat! At least, that’s what the 4Hers I knew always said. But the names are cute, anyway.

  2. everydaywomanusa

    Love the variety of colors! We’ve only had pink pigs in the past. Love the names, but ditto to what Joyce said . . . anyway, watch out for Templeton, he’s probably going to be sneaky!

  3. So cute! What happy little piggies they must be.

  4. farmersdaughterct

    Joyce- We’ve always named all of our animals. We had a cow named hamburger, sheep named lambchop and mutton… and I have an uncle who used to name his dairy cows after old girlfriends! Haha!

    Mom- yeah, I couldn’t think of the name of the sheep or goose, or the little goose who becomes Wilbur’s friend. I should have asked you, since I know you’re the Charlotte’s Web expert.

    Green Bean- They are happy, and they’re making friends with the dogs. Very inquisitive little pigs, and friendly.

  5. Ab,
    Actually, I don’t think the sheep or goose (or gander) had actual names, but the goose was a terrific speller, as in . . . “TEE DOUBLE EE DOUBLE RR DOUBLE RR DOUBLE EYE DOUBLE FF DOUBLE EYE DOUBLE SEE SEE SEE SEE SEE!”

  6. james

    Wha beed of pig are those please wright back

  7. james

    sorry for my last comment typed to fast i ment to say “What breed are those pigs please write back” James.

  8. Sorry, James, I’m not sure what breed they are.

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