Sunday Stroll, July 27

Rainy Day

Not such a great day for sitting in the Adirondacks. But a wonderful day for my garden.

All the rain creates a lot of deadheading in the petunias. This bloom is pretty with the droplets.

Pretty pink rosebud covered in raindrops.

This is my first year growing cosmos. I'm happy with the results and I think I'll plant more next year.

My favorite hydrangeas. Though it's time to remove some of the spent flowers, they're still popping out new blooms.

Zinnias and snapdragons from my sister-in-law Melissa brighten the rainy day. I got them from her at the farmer's market, and rather than let me pay, she wants me to teach her how to make pizza dough.

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3 responses to “Sunday Stroll, July 27

  1. I’m NOT singing, “Rain, rain, go away!” today . . . the rain is quite lovely for all our gardens. Our cornfield and apple and peach orchards were also quite in need of rain, so hooray! What a great barter for Melissa’s flowers!

  2. The rain will do wonders for the garden. Hard to complain about such a blessing!

    Your flowers look pretty and fresh, with the rain washing them clean.

    Thank you for strolling again this week. 🙂

  3. Oh, yuo should definitely plant more cosmos next year! They’re one of my long time favorites. Something magic yet simple about them.

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