August 4 Challenge Update

I am currently participating in four challenges.  I think I may be in over my head, as you’ll see from my failures on one of the challenges…

Plant something.  

  • nope

Harvest something. 

  • parsley
  • basil
  • pickle cukes
  • greenbeans
  • yellow squash
  • crookneck squash 
  • chives
  • tomatoes
  • lettuce

Preserve something. 

  • froze blueberries

Prep something. 

  • bought a pressure cooker and some quart jars in preparation to can tomatoes!

Cook something new.  

  • tomato sauce with tomatoes from my garden (I usually use canned)

Manage your reserves.  

  • reorganized freezer after I had to move everything to make more room

Reduce waste.

  • met with salesman to get reusable bags for our farm market with our logo

Work on local food systems. 

Learn a new skill.

  • made tomato sauce with tomatoes from my garden for the first time

The Growing Challenge

I continue to work a lot in my garden.  The rain we’ve been getting off and on is really great for my plants.  I’m currently battling some bugs that seem to really love the pumpkins, squash, and cukes, and I’ve been spraying with an organic spray that uses pyrethrin but it’s not working as well as I would like, which is too bad because it worked pretty well at getting rid of the cucumber beetles.  I’ve got a ton of green tomatoes, a few pumpkins including one that’s starting to turn orange, a bunch of spaghetti squash and a few butternut.  I’m hoping to get the bugs under control so I don’t lose them all!  My succession lettuce is coming along nicely, though none of it will be ready for a few weeks.  I have to learn to time it better next year.  I bought some broccoli, spinach, and turnip seeds to try for a fall garden, and I started talking to Ed about building a cold frame, so we could have lettuce and a few other things (not sure what yet) throughout the winter.  Exciting!!!

The 5-minute shower challenge is going really well.  In that I’m taking showers and they’re shorter than usual.  Are they 5 minutes? Not always.  I have to admit that I had gotten pretty lax on actually keeping track of the time.  Fortunately my mom just gave me a shower timer, so I’ll have to pop that in and see how I do.  But overall, I’ve done pretty well in reducing how much water I use and how much time I’m in the shower.  I haven’t taken a swim in my (two person) jet tub since I began the challenge, but then again, I like to take those in winter and there’s not really an appeal to sitting in a hot tub when it’s so hot outside.

Here’s what I said I’d do…

  • CAFE-  100%
  • LITE- 50%
  • SUGAR- 50%
  • SOW- 50%
  • BUZZ- 100%
  • VEG- 0%

Here’s what I did…

  • CAFE-  100%  Ed and I went out to eat with our friends Vinny and Alicia.  Mom and I got baked potatoes at the potato festival.  Didn’t do so well there!
  • LITE- 50% I have been cooking from scratch when I’m at home, with the exception of pasta.  I have definately reduced my use of processed goods and changed that significantly.
  • SUGAR- 50% I haven’t used any white sugar, and have used honey and maple syrup when needed, so I stuck with what I said I would.  Oh, except when I got ice cream with our friends when we went out to eat.  But if I’m gonna cheat, I’m gonna cheat all the way.
  • SOW- 50% I’ve been making an effort to have seconds only when I’m hungry, instead of just when it’s yummy.  Can’t really say if it’s made a difference or not yet.
  • BUZZ- 100%  I quit coffee and alcohol! (Just kidding- never drank them, but wish I did just so I could quit them).  I did have chocolate in my ice cream…
  • VEG- 0%  Done!  I said I wouln’t become vegetarian/vegan, and I didn’t. 

Let’s just say that I slacked pretty bad at this challenge last week… well the only thing I can do is try to do better in the coming week!



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7 responses to “August 4 Challenge Update

  1. Hey, it was a short week, Abbie, so don’t sweat it. Plus, you already had the plans to go out with your friends. It sounds like you are doing good wih the many challenges you are tackling all at once!

  2. mbrianaepler

    Ooh, you’ve reminded me to start posting about fall and winter gardening!!

    What kind of bugs are visiting?

  3. You are so ambitious! And doing so well. With so much to take on, your progress is admirable.

    Also, I wonder whether our garden is buggy. Our cuke leaves are drying up in places (our current theory is that we need to water the garden more often, even with all the rain we’re getting here in VA).

  4. Ab,
    What I love about you is you’re honest! C’mon, it was a baked potato, not something fried and greasy . . . not too bad . . . with broccoli as I recall.


  5. farmersdaughterct

    Chile- I’m over it, so I’m just going to move forward from here.

    mbrianaepler- I’m not sure what the bugs are. I think some kind of yellow, fuzzy larva? I’ve got to look it up but haven’t had a chance yet.

    GreenMamma- My cukes don’t seem to need a lot of water. If you see any bugs, snap a photo and I’ll help you to ID it if you want.

    Mom- Yours had broccoli. Mine had sour cream…

  6. Just came back to look at your response, and saw that I forgot to log out of WordPress so that you can see who I am! # 2 was me. ; ) Yellow fuzzy larvae… hmm… wish I could help… maybe when the bugs develop.

  7. farmersdaughterct

    Hi Melinda- I had 99% figured out it was you!

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