August 11 Challenge Update

Plant something.  

  • nope

Harvest something. 

  • parsley
  • chives
  • yellow squash
  • crookneck squash
  • tomatoes
  • sugar pumpkin

Preserve something. 

Prep something. 

  • looked at recipes for canning peaches and applesauce

Cook something new.  

Manage your reserves.  

  • not really

Reduce waste.

Work on local food systems. 

  • groceries from my family’s farm market

Learn a new skill.

  • I don’t think I learned anything new this week…

The Growing Challenge

Yesterday, I picked my first pumpkin! It’s a cute little sugar pumpkin that grew outside of the fence.  The bugs continue to eat my squash plants, and I’m ready to rip them out, once the fruits that are on the vines already are ripe.  A couple of the spaghetti squash are doing really well and I’ll probably be able to pick them in the coming week.  My tomatoes have started to get ripe, and I’ve got a whole bunch of green ones that should be turning soon.  When I do take out the squash plants, I’m going to prepare the ground for some fall veggies, including spinach, broccoli, and turnips, along with the lettuce and carrots.  Ed and I have been talking a lot about building a cold frame, and I’m really excited about having veggies from our garden late into the fall.  I’m thinking about totally eliminating all squash from the garden next year, and instead trying out some potatoes and maybe some onions.  All of my other plants have been doing well, without any spray and without too many pests, except for the occasional little bunny that zips in between the wire in the fence.  I’ve got a lot of thinking to do about next year’s garden, but the long, cold New England winter will give me plenty of time to think.

 My mom gave me an envirosax shower timer.  Now that I’ve used it, I realize that my showers are about 5 minutes on average, when I felt like they were maybe longer.  It’s nice to see that I’m doing better than I thought!

I’ve been doing OK.  But… it’s hard to avoid fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies when they come out of the oven at the stand!


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One response to “August 11 Challenge Update

  1. What a beautiful pumpkin you harvested! Dare I tell your brothers that you beat them in picking the first pumpkin? As you know, they’ve always been the pumpkin kings!

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