Today, I went to visit my mom on the farm.  I specifically wanted to pick raspberries, because they’re so delicious and juicy right now.  We walked around the farm, chatting and picking, and before we knew it, we had picked a whole bunch of raspberries, peaches, some corn, and a few apples.

I have big plans for my share.  The raspberries will be frozen, preserved, baked with, and I’m not even sure what else yet.  I already layed out a bunch of them on a tray in the freezer, but there are still quite a few in the fridge, waiting to be eaten.  It’ll be great to have frozen raspberries for muffins and raspberry-cranberry scones.

As for the peaches, I’m going to can some peach pie filling, or maybe freeze some more like I did yesterday.  I’m also planning to make some peach raspberry jam.

The corn, of course, is for supper tonight.

The apples, well, I’m going to cook something with them.  Maybe some applesauce.  These apples are my favorite! Macouns! They’re not quite ready yet, but I just couldn’t resist the biggest and reddest ones on the trees.  I ate one, but they’re still quite sour and hard.  They’ll make a very nice unsweetened applesauce, though.  And I did pick up some pork chops today, so maybe that’ll be a good supper for tomorrow night.  Or maybe something combining the Macouns and the raspberries… Yum!

With our booty, we walked back to my mom’s house and put our feet in the pool.  Sitting at the edge of the pool, I can see pumpkins, corn, and peach trees.  We talked about plans for the Open House and about going back to school.

Overall, this afternoon was much happier than yesterday.



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3 responses to “Abundance

  1. Ab,
    Today was a much happier day, thanks to you! Thanks for joining me on a walk around the farm and for joining us for ice cream, back at the farm last night, for our impromptu “Car Show!” Your “booty” looks even better the way you’ve displayed it. You’re quite the photographer. On to a farm market, today, perhaps for some more?

  2. When does school start? Gosh, I can’t believe summer is winding down. I loved this post, Abbie. It was poetic and simple.

  3. farmersdaughterct

    I go back to school on Aug 25, and the kids start Aug 28. I’m not ready!!!

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