Baby Shower Gifts

Today was my friend Rachel’s baby shower.  I’ve known Rachel since before either of us can remember, so I wanted to give her a really special present.  I decided to make an afghan and a little hat for her baby boy.

This afghan in shades of blue and green was simple to make.  If you know how to make a granny square, you can make this because the whole thing is just one big granny square!  Just pick your colors, decide how big you want the stripes to be, and keep going around until it’s the desired size.  No pattern necessary.

This hat was made using my typical hat technique, which consists of casting on stitches, knit one pearl one, for an inch or so to make the band, then deciding it’s not the right size and ripping out the stitches and starting over.  Repeat a few times, then I decide I have the right size so I knit a row, pearl a row until the hat is just about big enough, followed by reducing stitches for a few rows and sewing a seam up the back.  The next time I make a hat, maybe I’ll write it all down so I can post a better pattern.  Of course it will be different depending on the type of yarn, size of needles, and size of the hat.  That’s why trial and error is the best method for me.

Here’s a shot of Rachel with one of my mom’s gifts, a T-shirt that reads “I Make Milk.  What’s Your Superpower?”  You can purchase these shirts from Attached at the Hip.  Lots of the women my mom’s age remarked that they wished they had those shirts when they had young children.  They said there should be shirts that say “I Used to Make Milk.  What’s Your Superpower?”  Haha!

Congratulations Rachel and Gavin!


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6 responses to “Baby Shower Gifts

  1. Everyday woman

    Beautiful, Abbie! Everyone there was so impressed with your cleverness! What a thoughtful, loving gift!

  2. What a wonderful and beautiful gift. You’re very talented!

  3. farmersdaughterct

    Mom- You’re too kind. I liked your gifts, too.

    Heather- Thank you! I can’t make a lot, but I put a lot into what I can make.

  4. Patty

    What a beautiful blanket! I know how much time it takes to make a baby blanket. What a wonderful friend you are. Everyone should
    have a least one of you for a friend. I guess the apples don’t don’t fall far. Like mother, Like daughter!! Thanks for being Rachel’s friend.

  5. farmersdaughterct

    Patty- Thanks for being my second mom!

  6. Wow. That’s all I have to say… how long did it take to make this blanket? I tried to knit a hat once and it came out a little odd… so I’m not going to torture myself just yet with that!

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