Garden Supper

BEFORE: Tomatoes, basil and lettuce from my garden.

Just when I start to feel like it’s fall, the ripe tomatoes in my garden remind me that it’s still summer!  Tonight I was so happy to pick the first lettuce from my second planting, after a few weeks without lettuce in our salads.  The tomatoes are finally beginning to ripen in large quantities, enough to make sauce for the two of us with leftovers.  The basil is out of control, so big, and I know that I have to spend some quality time making and freezing pesto soon.  I added some of Chris and Melissa’s garlic, fresh pasta and cheese, and  I added leftover Maine lobster to Ed’s plate, since his mom was so kind as to bring home some lobsters for him.  (I’m allergic to lobster, but I was very happy with the vegetarian version.)  Ed’s mom also brought us a 5 pound box of Maine blueberries, some of which I froze and some of which I turned into Blueberry Buckle.  It’s cooling now and will make a great breakfast for the rest of the week.  Or dessert.  Or snack.

AFTER: Tomatoes, basil and lettuce from my garden.


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4 responses to “Garden Supper

  1. Yum, yum! Where did you learn to be such an excellent cook? I’m afraid it WASN’T from me! Lucky Ed!!!

  2. Wow! That looks really delicious. I’m burnt out on cooking right now so I’ll just drool over the computer instead.

  3. Just about the time I’m ready to go rip out all the summer vegetables I step outside and see a bumper crop of tomatoes! and I still haven’t had a tomato sandwich yet:) Thanks for the idea about the ciabatta.

    I have about 6 butternut squash that I’m saving up for September so I can try a pie. I’ve been dreaming about that one, too!

  4. farmersdaughterct

    Mom- I learned how to make homemade macaroni and cheese from you! You make it the best!

    GB- I hear ya… I run out of energy and ideas.

    IB Mommy- I’ve got a great butternut squash pie recipe! I’ll be posting it soon, maybe next weekend because I’ve got a couple ready from my garden.

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