Our Picnic is Tomorrow!

I’m so exhausted and should be picking up in my kitchen… but I’m so excited about our picnic tomorrow! Our house is probably as clean as it will ever be.  Some of the seating is set up outside.  Most of the food is made.  I’ll be sure to post pictures, probably on Sunday, because my mom has volunteered to be my photographer, as always!  I have to say that I’m really appreciating moms this week, with both my mom and Ed’s mom helping by lending me stuff, setting up, ideas, FOOD, and support! I’m so thankful, Mom and Marie!!!

Off to pick up and then time for bed!


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2 responses to “Our Picnic is Tomorrow!

  1. Ab,
    You and Ed really know how to throw a party! Job well done! I was especially impressed with the “greenness” of the day, right down to biodegradable utensils and plates; recycling containers; inventive seating (borrowed tables, chairs, and haybales with wonderful quilt coverings); garden tours; and lots of local food! Family members and friends are also so happy for the two of you as you embark on your future together in your marvelous new home!
    Lots of love,

  2. Marie

    What a great party, it was so nice and everything looked beautiful and oh my gosh, was there enough food or what, what a spread!!!! Very very nice job. Thank you very much, it was a fun time!
    love you guys
    Mom Marie

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