Butternut Squash Pie

Finally! This is the recipe I’ve been waiting to post since I began Farmer’s Daughter.  I’ve been making this pie for about 6 or 7 years, and I feel like it’s my best recipe.  My Great-Grandma Rose always made her pumpkin pie with butternut squash, saying it made a better pie.  So, I tried this recipe from my Fannie Farmer cookbook (incidentally, my grandmother Mema gave me that cookbook when I moved into my little apartment over my parents’ garage).  I modified and left things out, like mace (I don’t know what that is and didn’t have any, so I skipped it), and brandy (because, hello! I don’t drink, so I don’t have brandy hanging around the house).

Now my Butternut Squash Pie is made extra special by the fact that we grew the butternut squash this year! I only got two before the bugs destroyed the plants, so the pie is the best way to use them!

Butternut Squash Pie

Split 1 butternut squash in half lengthwise, scoop out the seeds and remove the stem.  Place squash cut side down on a baking pan and bake at 375°F for about 1 hour, until soft.  Allow to cool, then scoop pulp into a food processor and puree.  You’ll have more than you need for a pie, so you can make a couple of pies or sprinkle the remainder with cinnamon and butter and serve as a side dish.  Or save the extra for more baking, like butternut squash bread.

  • 1 cup squash puree
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 3 beaten eggs
  • 2 Tbsp water
  • 1 tsp cinnamon
  • 1 tsp nutmeg
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • pie dough for one 9-10″ crust

Preheat oven to 425°F.  Line a pie pan with the dough and crimp the edges.  Combine all ingredients in a large bowl with a whisk until smooth.  Pour into the pie crust and bake for 10 minutes.  Reduce heat to 300 and bake for 50-60 more minutes until the filling is slightly puffed and the bottom crust is golden brown.  I use a glass baking dish so I can monitor the crust, and if it’s not browning nicely you can put it on the bottom rack of the oven for 10 minutes.  Let the pie cool completely so the filling will set before you cut it.  I think it tastes even better on the second day when it’s cold from the fridge.

One more funny story before this post is over…  A few years back I decided to enter this pie in the Guilford Fair, since everyone who tries it loves it.  I made two, so I could enter one and keep one for us.  We dropped one pie off at the fair, and then later that night I cut slices of our pie for Ed and myself.  Ed tried his first and said “Ab, it’s really bad.”  I laughed, thinking he was kidding.  He wasn’t kidding.  I tried a little bit and knew immediately that I had forgotten to add the sugar! I was upset that my pie wouldn’t do well in the competition, but I was more upset because I had been looking forward to eating it! When we went to the fair, I was completely shocked to see that my pie won Honorable Mention.  Don’t ask how, but the judges must have been sympathetic.  This year, I’m going to enter my Butternut Squash Pie again, with the sugar, and we’ll see how it does!

Update- This pie won Best In Show at the Guilford Fair in 2008!


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33 responses to “Butternut Squash Pie

  1. Yay! I’ve been waiting for this. I’m going out to pick my squash right now:)

  2. I love butternut squash. Always have trouble cutting them in two.
    Any suggestions. I am Going to make your pie.

  3. farmersdaughterct

    IB Mommy- Please let me know how you like it!

    Ernestine- It is always tough to cut them! I use a big, sharp chef’s knife. Some recipes call for cutting the squash into chunks and steaming them, but it’s way to hard to cut so I just bake it. I know that you can bake them whole, then scoop out the seeds later. I’ve never tried it, so if you try it, let me know how it works! And let me know if you like the pie!

  4. Mouth… watering… yum… I wish we had winter squash! This cold, wet weather has been murder on our summer crops. : (

  5. Wow! Made two pies last night– one with your recipe and one with my sweet potato pie recipe(substituting the squash) — yours was the clear winner. My oldest child even asked if I was going to make this pie from now on instead.

    Thanks so much for sharing your recipe!

  6. farmersdaughterct

    Thanks, IB Mommy!!! So I guess I should re-enter it in the fair!

  7. Ashley

    I would just like to comment and say how wonderful that pie is! I’m visiting Australia at the moment and wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving, as they don’t here. You know, no pilgrims and such. I bought what was labeled as a pumpkin, though when I got home I realized it was actually a butternut squash. I was so disappointed until I stumbled upon your recipe! It really saved the day! It was just so easy and so tasty.

  8. I made this pie last night and it is scrumptious. I substituted goat’s milk for cream, because that is what I had on hand, and it was still absolutely delicious! I will definitely make it again and again.

  9. Oh, and I always cook my squash for about 15 minutes before I cut them in half, softens them up and makes it easier, but they are not so hot yet that they might explode!

  10. Diane Gardner

    Hi Abbie,

    I was with Kate today and I had your pie!!! One of the best things I have ever had! I cant wait to try and bake it. Thank you for sharing this with me. We had a photo shoot today for the next Whats Cooking Cookbook, which will be What Cooking New England. I cant wait to see the photographs.

    If you and family or friends would like to send any recipes in for the cookbook, I would love that. Be sure to include a story or traditon along with your name , town and state. I am looking for recipes all over New England!

    Again, thanks for sharing your recipe, it is truly delicious!

    Diane Gardner

    P.S.- Tell you Mom I said hello!!!

  11. am making this right now. smells soooo good. 🙂 oh, i tweeted the recipe too.

  12. Amy- Hope you and your family like it! Let me know how it turns out!!!

    By the way folks, if you like this pie you HAVE to try my butternut squash cheesecake recipe. Just click on “butternut squash” in the tag cloud.

  13. i cut back on the amount of sugar just a little bit and used a frozen spelt crust that i had on hand and it was delicious. 🙂

    oooh, bnut cheesecake??? yum! i’ll chk it out.

  14. The very best recipe EVER.

  15. GB- Thanks! I’m making this to bring to Thanksgiving!

  16. Denise

    I have discovered the importance of having a small hammer in my kitchen “junk” drawer. I slide a good sharp large blade knife into butternuts, rutbabaga. etc, having the blade extend out of one side and the handle on the other. I gently tap the blade with my small tack hammer, and voila-right through she goes! I have butternut cooking at this time to try this pie recipe-sounds delicious. My 24 year of pumpkin and “sweet tater” pie expert will let me know tomorrow just how good it is! (today, that is) Happy turkey day to all!

  17. Blair

    This sounds great. I’m going to try it. I’m growing my own butternut squash this year. I hope they grow well so I can use them in a pie. Thanks for the info.

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  19. Megan

    Hi Abbie,

    I found your website when I was googling hydrangia flowers in mason jars. That’s what I did this summer for my wedding centerpieces and I wanted to see a photo of how it would look. We cut all the flowers from friends and neighbor’s yards and it look awesome.
    I love reading your blog and follow you on Twitter. I guessed you were pregnant before you announced it (you gave it away with the blood test).
    You’ve inspired me to enter a pie baking contest in our town. I’ve never entered a contest like this. Unless you count 4H. I am going to use/borrow your Butternut Squash Pie recipe as it is award winning! I hope you don’t mind.
    Thanks for the great web site!

  20. Hi there. I’m looking for a butternut squash pie filling without the cream. Any ideas? I am not a natural cook. I just follow recipes. So I’m really not sure how I would modify it and till make it taste good. Could I use 2% milk or would that be too wet?


    • Beth- I’m not sure about switching to milk. I’ve done it with quiche, and it’s worked out fine, but never with this pie. I would suggest you use any pumpkin pie recipe that calls for evaporated milk, and just substitute an equal amount of butternut squash puree for the pumpkin puree. Sorry I couldn’t be more help!

  21. Elaine

    Due the shortage of canned pumpkin a great many people may be using squash or sweet potatoes as a substitute. by the way mace is the hard outer coating of a nutmeg. You can buy whole nutmegs and grate it off.

  22. Caryl

    Just came across this recipe when I googled butternut squash pie. It is in the oven now, waiting on the last 50minutes. It smells awesome. We managed to get about 20 squash this year before the bugs took over. Unfortunately some of our squash that we harvested cannot be stored long term so the fridge is full of cut squash. I managed to make a descent crust from scratch which is always a bonus!

  23. Patti Larsen

    Instead of baking in the oven, I cut in half and put 1/2 cup of water in bottom of glass pan with 1/2 of butternut squash and cover with paper towel and cooked till done……takes 1/2 the time.

  24. Marsha

    I am baking your pie right now and it smells wonderful. I do have a question though. Should there be any flour in the recipe? In other recipes I looked at and in the Cushaw pie recipe I make it calls for 2 TBSP of flour. Thanks and I can’t wait to try your pie.

  25. Marsha

    Just baked 2 pies and will admit I did put in the flour because I didn’t see your response in time, but I do not think it hurt it at all. This pie is scrumptious. I will definitely be making this pie for Thanksgiving (but will leave out the flour.) I plan to go to Farmers Market tomorrow and buy more butternut squash so I can try the Butternut Squash Walnut Bread. Thanks for the recipe. I love you website and look forward to reading more.

  26. Thanks for sharing your recipe and stories about how it all came together. I think so much of what makes family traditions so meaningful, draws back to the experiences we share. This Thanksgiving, I will definitely be serving butternut squash pie alongside a beautifully roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, and (ok, I need to stop, I am getting hungry and could not possibly curb a this kind of hungry with a bowl of cereal).

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  29. tammy

    hi my name is tammy and i live in always sunny las vegas nevada… i and my husdand of 15 years just bought our first house..and the first thing we did was tear everything out so we could make as much garden as possible.. well as u can imagian its hard to grow things in 120 degree heat..but i have managed some things this year.. one beening butternut squash .your pie and bread recipies are the best iv ever made.. i wish i could live somewhere were everything grows easily, but, i like to think if i can grow it well in vegas, than i ve got a real big green thumb under this desert floor!!!LOL… anyway im the proud mother of 7 boys…ya no girls.. belive me we tried…LOL!!!!..and im not a mcdonalds fast food mom.. i take cooking for my family very seriously…its a passion!.. i grow as much as i can out here..(tomatoes,watermelon,green&yellow zuccinnis,egg plants,all colors bell peppers, all types onions,garlic, and every spice you can think of…. that will be sun tolerant..mostly, italian type herbs..rosemary, oragano, thyme, parsley,and several others..i do have to shade some…anyway thank u for the great web site and i hope u will keep putting on many more delicious recipies….thank you and me e-mail is pinkvegas @embarqmail.com.. and my name is tammy

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