Ditch the Disposables Challenge

I was happy to see August come to an end, because I knew that it would be the end of two challenges, The Five Minute Shower Challenge and the Discretionary Eating Challenge.  While I found shorter showers to be an easy adjustment, the Discretionary Eating one was, well, challenging.  I’m going to try to stick to the challenges unofficially for the long term by working hard on conserving water and also working on my eating habits.

I’m happy to announce that I’ve signed on for another challenge with the Crunchy Domestic Goddess! I had been looking forward to some time away from challenges (except the gardening ones), but when I saw the Ditch the Disposables Challenge for the months of September and October, I had to sign up! While I’ve done a lot to get rid of disposables, like using microfiber clothes instead of paper towels and sponges and carrying my own bags around, I know there’s still room for improvement.  So the pledge that I’ve made is something that I think will be pretty easy! I’m going to try to go completely no waste for both breakfast and lunch at work! How will I do that? By bringing a cloth napkin and using reusable containers.  That’s easy, isn’t it???

Today I did pretty well.  I tend to eat toast in the car for breakfast, and I used a cloth napkin instead of a paper one.  Easy.  Then, for lunch, I had salad in a reusable plastic container, an apple, a peach, and half of a sandwich in a plastic bag! The only disposable from my lunch was the bag, and so I’ve decided to start looking for something to use to wrap a sandwich instead of those bags.  I’m also going to start looking for a better container than a plastic one for salads or leftovers.  Maybe a SIGG one? I’ll have to do some research.  Any suggestions?



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8 responses to “Ditch the Disposables Challenge

  1. Abbie, my husband has a sandwich sized pyrex type container with a plastic lid, that he uses every day for his sandwich. He also reuses bread bags for other things, so we don’t buy sanwich bags or ziiplocks. Those same pyrex containers come in other sizes and shapes, and might be useful to you for the salad, too. I think we got them at Target (shh! don’t tell anyone, but I still go there!) The only disadvantage of them is that they weigh a little more, and I suppose they would break if you really threw them around.
    I have also borrowed an old idea from my grandmother, which is using clean newspaper to mop up grease and other spills, instead of paper towels. Sometime, when something is pretty icky, I don’t want to use a towel that might sit in the hamper for a couple of days.
    Good luck with this! I think it’s one change of habit everyone could do pretty easily.

  2. I second the Pyrex ware from Target, which as a bonus, is actually made in the USA! I’ve not broken any dropping it on a regular basis; however, I did break a container that I dropped straight out of the freezer the other day, but even plastic is more brittle when frozen, so that is no big surprise.

    Also a suggestion for Joyce – I keep a small laundry basket on top of the washing machine for things like greasy rags or even our cloth napkins. The basket has a cloth liner, which I also occasionally wash, but this makes it easy to toss floor and or grease rags in when I do other laundry (such as a load of jeans or dish towels) and I don’t have to worry about the hamper getting mucky!

  3. I’ve also seen sandwich wrap cloths, but I don’t recall who sells them. Oh – if you search on that, lots of sites come up…

    Have fun with this challenge!

  4. farmersdaughterct

    Ooooo, Target. I have a gift card there. I’ll have to stop in and check it out.

    A cloth for wrapping a sandwich? Does it get all stale? Could I just use a napkin?

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  6. I Loooooove my SIGG! Oh goodness! I carry it everywhere! I pack all my food in my pyrex containers or tupperware. And I re-use those baggies until they fall apart. I read somewhere that you can wrap your sandwiches in parchment paper or wax paper, but I am not sure about the long term effects…

  7. thanks for signing up for another one of my wacky challenges! 🙂


  8. farmersdaughterct

    Laura- I’m a fan of my SIGG water bottle, too. Do you have a container for food, though?

    CDG- I enjoy your challenges!

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