New (to us) Outside Light

Ed spent the better part of the day on Saturday getting our lantern and outside light post ready to put in the ground.  On Sunday, after Tropical Storm Hanna was gone, he finished it.

Ed’s dad found the lantern in a dumpster on a construction site and grabbed it for us.  The copper has a beautiful patina from years outside.  The post is another salvaged item from a job site.  Ed had to do a little bit of soldering and painting, and one pane of glass had to be replaced.  Just a little bit of work and we got this pretty new (to us) light for our front yard.



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7 responses to “New (to us) Outside Light

  1. Nice. From the pictures it gives your home a very cozy and established look!

  2. How wonderful! I love finding stuff in a dumpster. It is amazing (and crazy) what people throw out.

  3. Ab (and Ed)~
    Thanks for sharing! Ed looks so proud standing next to his latest work of art! I especially love the photo at night with the warm glow!

    How nice when you put your passion for recycling and re-using and Ed’s passion for his craft together–look at what you can create!


  4. Marie

    Great job on the light Ed, it came out just how Dad and I imagined it would. See there are benefits to all the “treasures” that Dad finds. This actually came out of the original house on the site and Dad used his charm to get it from the contractor before someone else got it or it was thrown away, it never did make it to the dumpster. ED, you are just like your father when he was 29 years old, I am so proud of all of your talents. You and Ab are truly blessed, your home just keeps getting more and more charming everyday! Love it!
    Mom Marie

  5. farmersdaughterct

    Green Me- Thank you 🙂

    Green Bean- I agree that people throw things out that still have a lot of value. We also find that a lot of history gets thrown out without thinking. Foruntately, people like us are able to benefit from their carelessness.

    Mom- I love that last photo the best, too!

    Mom Marie- I stand corrected! Rich finds so many things in the dumpster that I just assumed this was one of them, too. Ed IS just like his dad, and that’s one of the things I like best about him.

  6. Marie,
    I was thinking just the same thing about Ed, how he takes after his Dad with his incredible talent and craftmanship. I actually did a double take when looking at the photo of him standing next to the lamppost; his body language is so similar to his Dad’s, I thought I was looking at Rich for a moment!


  7. I love getting my hubby in on the green action. Great light and great workmanship Ed!

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