Guilford Fair Entries

Tonight was the night to drop off our entries at the Guilford Fair.  I grew up entering something every year, from decorated pumpkins to photos and pies.  Here are our entries this year!

 These beautiful, shiny Empire apples are a part of our farm’s display.  My mom, dad, brothers and I made the display this year.  Empires always seem to polish the best and shine the brightest.

 Dukie helped with the display, too!

My brothers and dad entered their restored tractor in the antique tractor contest.  Boys, if one of you reads this, please leave a comment with more specific details about the tractor.  I know it’s a Ford, but that’s about it! 

My brothers and dad bring in our fruit display.

Here’s the final product.  The fruit display contains Bosc pears, Empires, Mutsus, Macouns (my fave!), Jonagolds, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, and McIntosh.  All of them were grown on our farm and picked, polished and placed by my dad, my brothers and me.  We also included some pumpkins, mums, goose squash (also called birdhouse gourds) and maple syrup.

Here’s a close-up of the display board.  The theme is “Go Green – Eat Local!” We hung some of our new reusable bags with our logo on them.  We also wanted to show some of the history of our farm, so we hung up old pictures of my grandfather and great-grandfather working on the farm, plowing and making hay with horses, and taking down the silo. 


The pies are my personal entries.  I made an apple pie (I’ll post the recipe soon) and a butternut squash pie.  I’ll be happy with anything for the apple, but I WANT A BLUE RIBBON for the butternut squash!

Ed and I are going to the fair tomorrow night, so I’ll be sure to post the results.  My mom and I plan to go to the parade on Saturday morning as well, so look for pictures coming soon!



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11 responses to “Guilford Fair Entries

  1. Marie

    Those look like blue ribbon entries to me, Ab, they came out awesome. Good luck and I look forward to hearing how you made out. Nice job!!!

  2. Abbie,

    Thanks SO much for all you did! We couldn’t have done the display without your enthusiam, ideas, and hard work! It’s so nice to have a new generation taking over this tradition. It did bring back wonderful memories of all the years we took the entries to the fair that you and your brothers made and grew, whether it was animal vegetables or giant pumpkins! What fun!

    OK, here’s the lowdown on the tractor, at least what I’ve heard:

    It’s a 1955 Ford 960 with these specs . . .
    Engine–172 ci Gas, 4 cyclinder, 39.86 PTO HP, 30.6 drawbar HP; Weight–3,626 lbs. (Also, it’s known as a “tricycle tractor” with those cool front tires.)

    Hey, boys…….did I get that right? All I really know is that it’s a work of art. It has come a long way since the original condition your brothers and Dad found it in. What a beauty!

    I look forward to going to the fair this weekend and enjoying all the entries. Can you believe a fair weekend without rain? It looks BEAUTFFUL!


  3. Wow… I’d go to your fair jus to see those apples in person! Best wishes on those ribbons!

  4. Good Luck with your pies! I can’t wait to see how you did. Your family’s display is gorgeous.

  5. farmersdaughterct

    Marie- I can’t wait to see either!

    Joyce- thanks!

    Mom- Thanks for the stats.

    Laura- aren’t those apples beautiful? I just want to eat them up!

    IB Mommy- I hope my pie does as well here as it did in your contest! Thanks for the confidence 🙂

  6. Jon

    is it really spelled “cilo”??

  7. Jon

    nope… I checked, definitely “silo”.

  8. Your family’s display is gorgeous, and I love the history. 10 generations is amazing!

  9. Nan

    What a wonderful, wonderful entry!

  10. farmersdaughterct

    Thanks, Jon. I’ll fix it 🙂 See what happens when you post late at night?

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