New England APLS

It’s apple season in New England, and the regional group for our part of the country has formed! APLS stands for “Affluent Persons Living Sustainably,” and is a group that promotes striving to live a life that is as sustainable as possible, even though we can afford to do otherwise.  I have been a member of this group for a few months now, and there have been two blog carnivals so far, with the topics of Sustainability and Affluence.

The purpose of the regional groups is to share information about resources to live more sustainably and to share or plan local events.  If you want to join the New England APLS, you should go here and sign up!  If you want to join a group but aren’t from New England, you should go here and find your regional group!  Tina from Massachusetts has volunteered to be the regional coordinator for New England, and you can visit her blog here.

If you live in Connecticut, please join us! Also, feel free to head on over to my Reading page for some local links.


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