First Fire

With the drop in temperature today, Ed and I decided it was time to build a fire.  So, as the sun went down, Ed started the first fire we’ve had in the fireplace.  He finished the mantel last week, and the warm glow of the flames is perfect for this chilly night.

The mantel is the finishing touch to our formal living room.  I didn’t even realize that anything was missing until I saw the mantel in place.  When Ed took it down to paint, the room looked so empty.  Now, this room is done.  Well, pretty much done.  I still would like to have end tables and a coffee table, which Ed tells me he’ll build someday.  But that’s on the “long list” because he’s still got a lot of things to finish before he starts to build more furniture.  However, the first piece of furnature I want him to build is a dining room table.



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2 responses to “First Fire

  1. Oh! It’s so pretty! I can’t wait to start doing that here… mmm… I love the Fall!

  2. Just beautiful . . . this photo looks like it came from “House Beautiful!” Enjoy!!!

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