Busy, Beautiful Day

Old maple trees

Today was one of the most beautiful days this year.  It was also an incredibly busy Saturday.  Ed left to go fishing around 5am, I think, since I was not fully awake at the time… He’s trying to catch as much as he can during the season so that we’ll have a freezer full for the winter.  I got up this morning and immediately started working on the APLS Blog Carnival that I’m hosting in just a few days.  I have the job of reading all the posts, compiling them, and writing my own post with a summary of each submission.  I’m not done yet…

Then, I headed off to practice.  I’m coaching the girls’ “powderpuff” football team at my school this year.  Well, fortunately I’m assistant coaching, since my qualifications for being a coach include that I enjoy football and that my brother played for years and years and had an undefeated regular season in his senior year, followed by coming in second in the state playoffs.  I understand the rules, but I have never played.  Anyway, today was our first practice, and it was a blast.  The majority of kids are not so concerned with what position they’ll play, but are very concerned about the jerseys and what number they’ll get.  And also the fact that the homecoming dance is the weekend before our one and only game, and so they’re worried their manicures will get ruined.  My response: acrylic nails and the VOC’s from manicures are bad for the environment, so skip it.  My environmental students laughed while the others stared at me blankly…  I also made a comment about how the synthetic leather of the football was most likely petroleum based, which got the same response.

After a fun first practice of teaching the names of the positions and basic rules for flag football, I headed over to my family’s farm.  Since I’m so busy with school this year, I haven’t been able to help out as much as in previous years, and I knew they’d need my help today.  The beautiful weather meant it would be crazy at the farm.  I walked into the greenhouse and relieved my mom for a little while from the pumpkin field cash register.  I hadn’t even waited on a single customer when a woman came in and yelled at me.  She said that kids were climbing on the top of the hay maze and that it was dangerous.  I agree, I told her, and the rules are posted that nobody should be climbing.  To which she replied “I’ve asked three times and you’re not doing anything!” Again, I explained that, while I agree it’s dangerous, no, you have not asked me three times.  I just got here.  And I can’t leave the cash register, but I will send someone out there immediately.  Fortunately, I was able to flag down my mother to go out and, in her best elementary school teacher persona, get the kids off the top of the maze.  Their own parents were watching them run around, and doing nothing about the fact their kids were breaking the rules and endangering others and themselves.  Apparently, bloody noses and kids crying are all part of the fall trip to the farm experience.  And so is some lady yelling at me for no reason.  What I really want to say to her is “Hey lady, why don’t you just ask their parents to get them down.  I’m not just some cashier you can yell at.  I’m a certified teacher and my family owns this place.”  But I just smiled and told her I’d take care of it.  It’s very frustrating to be treated so disrespectfully when I’m used to being respected at school, but everyone in my family knows the reality of the fall.  People will come to our home, be demanding and often rude, but generally enjoy themselves and spend money.  We’ll thank them and hope that they come back again so we can keep the farm afloat.  I just try to remember to always be as nice as I can to cashiers, wait staff, and everyone who does the kind of job that is too often unappreciated.

After the maze incedent, the atmosphere got better, I waited on customers who were polite or at least didn’t yell at me, weighed a whole bunch of pumpkins, and sent families out into the apple orchard.  Then, I helped my brothers push a car out of the mud.  They’d been hanging around and pushing cars when needed, as the paved part of the lot was full and cars had to park in the field.  We laughed when someone who was clearly stuck in the mud refused our help.  No, he didn’t want my brother to get a tractor and pull him out.  He would call and wait for a tow truck instead.  He was still waiting when I left.

Cars lined up in the big field at the stand

Kids play on the hay maze

While I was out, Ed worked on getting our old wood stove ready for the winter and painting the ballusters for our stairs.  We had wanted to buy a new wood stove this year, but we just aren’t going to be able to afford it.  I think spring will probably be the best time to find a good price, anyway.  I can’t say I’m upset I missed the painting…


This evening, we went to Ed’s parents’ house to celebrate Melissa’s birthday.  We made pizzas together and it was a lot of fun.  Ed and I gave her a mum and a pumpkin to celebrate.  Happy 30th Melis!

When I got home I was in a cleaning mood (I know, I was shocked, too).  I organized the mudroom and kitchen, cleaned the counters and the stainless steel appliances, organized the coffee table stuff including an explosion of magazines and various knitting projects.  I then decided to come here and write about my day.  Tomorrow will be a lot of the same, with practice and the farm in the afternoon. 

On Monday, I have a day off school but Ed will be working.  I have a whole bunch of tests to grade, so hopefully the weather will be nice enough to allow me to do my grading outside.



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3 responses to “Busy, Beautiful Day

  1. Ab,
    Thanks for helping out on a beautiful, fun, crazy, stressful day at the farm. I have no time to really comment because I’m off to the farm again, today, and by the way — my school system is IN school on Columbus Day, so that’s where I’ll be! Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Phew! I remember playing Sumu football when I was in high school. What great memories were made! I bet your team is happy to have you as their coach; also, I have had many service jobs and I always try to keep that in mind when I am out to eat or am at a store, etc. I’m glad you were able to keep your cool and use your brain (asking your kid friendly mom to help redirect the kids’ attention). Way to go Abbie! And what a day!

  3. Well, I’m sorry about that rude woman and those unruly children. But I will say that I’d love to come to your family farm. It sounds wonderful. All the ones here are so commerial – filled with bouncy houses, rock climbing walls, train rides, etc. Yours sounds wonderful.

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