Sunday Stroll

Although the wind blew most of the leaves off of the trees last night, I was still able to find a few late this afternoon.

To see who else is strolling today, head on over to the Quiet Country House.



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4 responses to “Foliage

  1. Your maple leaves are very, very pretty, Abbie. I have only a few very young maples, so not many leaves. And, is that your house? How gorgeous!

    I’m glad you were able to stroll today!

  2. Nate

    That looks like an awful big house to heat in the winter and cool in the summer for someone as “green” as you. Also what about all the petroleum products in the asphalt roof shingles?

    I am only pickin on you because you havent invited me over for dinner lately.

  3. Yes, that is my house. Thank you!
    Nate- I agree… it does cost a lot to heat and cool!!! Fortunately, we haven’t turned the heat on yet. Want to come over tomorrow night???

  4. Jon

    Going Green!!! HAMMER DOWN!!!! (Inside Joke)

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