Garden Update

Before our first hard frost, I picked the last of the tomatoes.  Now I’ve got a bowl full of green ones that should last us a little while.

The winter garden experiment has been going well so far.  The turnips are doing the best, of course, since I don’t even really like them that much.  Here are some pictures of the other cold weather plants.




What are your gardens looking like now?



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3 responses to “Garden Update

  1. Hi Abbie – looking forward to reading through the rest of your blog, think we share many common ideas / interests! My husband’s mother just gave us her last garden cabbage as we had our 1st snow fall in Geneva. I have been chopping & freezing tomatoes and certain pumpkins for the winter. If you haven’t read this book already, view your love of gardening and doing things by hand, perhaps you will enjoy ‘The Lost Garden’s of Heligan’ as much as I have. Here is their official website

  2. Thanks, Erika. I’ll have to check out that book/website. I haven’t ever grown cabbage, but I’ve already added it to my list of things to plant in the spring.

  3. Your winter garden is VERY impressive! Good luck with it!

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