I’m Freezing my Buns!

Freeze Yer Buns Challenge 2008

After much deliberation, I joined Crunchy Chicken’s Freeze Yer Buns Challenge.  I pledge to keep my thermostat set between 60-65 degrees when we’re home and at 55 degrees when we’re not home.  My dad always told us that lots of people can afford to build a big house, but not many can afford to heat it.  Now I understand what he means!  This challenge will help us keep our costs down and also reduce our dependence on heating oil.  I hate that we use heating oil, but it is what it is.  The best option for us right now is to conserve.  That doesn’t mean that we’re completely frozen! We’re supplementing our heat with fires in our wood stove and sometimes our fireplace, too.

In addition to burning wood, we’re also bundling up with warm socks, sweaters and blankets.  So far, it’s been pretty warm this fall during the day, so we didn’t even turn on our heat until a few days ago when we were both out until late.  It was too late to build a fire when we got home and it was very chilly in the house, so we turned on the heat and went to bed.  I’m hoping to not need to really use the furnace because we’ll get enough warmth from the wood stove, but we’ll see.  There’s nothing better on a cold winter day than a nice toasty fire.

What are your plans to keep warm this winter? Will you also be joining the challenge or trying to conserve?



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3 responses to “I’m Freezing my Buns!

  1. You’re so fortunate to have the woodstove, and a good supply of wood. We have to depend on the furnace, which is natural gas. Like you, we didn’t turn it on until a couple of days ago, when we finally had a hard frost. Our problem is an older home that is drafty. We got new low-e windows last year, which has been a huge help, and put more insulation in the attic as well, but until we put up the new siding, we’ll still have some drafts. That makes it harder to keep the house at a lower tempurature, because it’s so uncomfortable.

  2. I grew up “freezing my buns” in a house that was only heated with wood stoves, which were on the first floor. My bedroom was on the second floor and we only got a bit of heat through a grate in the ceiling from the stove below. Sometimes, we even dressed for school in front of the wood stove! Do I sound old? Not really, my parents were just old-fashioned; most kids my age weren’t doing that. So . . . I’ll have no problem w/ this challenge, if I can get the guys in our house to go along with it! I’m also finding my own person “thermostat” at a different setting than most around me . . . I’m always hot, so that will help, too!

    Ab. . . do you remember Dad’s other favorite line when you and your brothers had to bring wood into the basement for the combination wood/oil furnace? “Do you like hot baths?”

    It seems like now that you’re a homeowner, you understand what Dad was talking about!

    Lots of love and warmth,

  3. It’s all about the hot water bottles here. And multiple layers of socks. Cold feet, cold body.

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