Those Other People

“Who did you vote for?” my students asked me in school today.  As a teacher, I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to tell them who I voted for in the presidential race.  I had mentioned that I was undecided, and that was true.  I didn’t decide who to vote for until I woke up on Tuesday morning.  Then I went and voted.  I did, however, reply to their question.

Rosa DeLauro, Ed Meyer, and Vin Candelora.” Who?

I don’t typically talk about politics.  Ever.  Like religion, it’s not one of my favorite topics.  Inevitably, people will dislike what I say and we’ll end up arguing, so I avoid discussing it.  Oh well… here we go.

Rosa DeLauro  is well-known in our area.  This will be her 10th term as congresswoman.  Rosa is a friend to education and to the middle-class.  In addition, it was reported that Rosa won over 80% of the vote last night.  That’s quite an accomplishment, not to mention that there were two opponents: a Republican and a Green Party member.  I figured it was okay to share that I voted for her.

The other two do not represent the town in which I teach, so I went ahead and told my students.  I met State Senator Ed Meyer at a farmer’s market last summer.  He had come out to meet people, talk about how important local farmers were to him, and talk about energy.  I liked what he had to say.  Also, when I emailed him with questions, he wrote back and gave me his home phone number.  I was impressed.

Vin Candelora is my town’s state representative.  He is clearly visible in town, and writes a column in our town paper.  When I emailed him a question for a paper I was writing, he was more than helpful in his reponse, continuing to talk to me via email and giving me great ideas.  He cares about town issues that matter most to me, including preserving farmland and open space and the ongoing road construction.  There was no question that I would vote for him.  Vin ran unopposed, so it appears that other people are happy with him as well.

I hope you are all as happy with the results of your local elections as I am.



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3 responses to “Those Other People

  1. Ab,

    I think you handled that question well with your students. I also got the same question from my elementary students as we held a mock election in school the day before election day. Especially with younger students, I think it’s really important not to influence them in that way as most–especially younger–students can be unduly influenced by teachers. I encouraged them to talk with their families about the issues, share news events, etc. (I don’t even get into the Yankees v. Red Sox question, either!) Of course, students’ votes always mirror the actual vote, which was the case at our school as well. When I went to vote in the kids’ poll, I was somewhat surprised to see only 2 candidates names for president, instead of all the candidates for president and the other offices, so I’m not surprised that your students were not familiar with the local candidates’ names. Many people aren’t in touch with their current state and national representatives and senators.

    I also don’t appreciate being told how to vote by teachers’ unions! I’ve always voted for the person, not the party, and will continue to split my tickets as I see fit.

    It is nice when you actually KNOW the person you’re voting for, as is the case in many local offices.

    I’m also glad the barrage of campaign ads is over!

  2. Oops! Almost forget to tell you that Duke says he’s up for the job as the new White House “puppy!”

  3. Abbie, me too! That is, I’m happy with the results of the presidential election and I’ve been feeling goosegumps and all fer-klempt every time I think about it. =) Oh, and I am finally sleeping again. Phew.

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