Apple and Pumpkin

Sunday Stroll


The twin deer came to visit us again this morning. This time their mother was out of sight, but suspect she was watching them from the woods.  They got close enough for us to see that one is a female and one is a male, thanks to the little nubs of antlers starting to appear on his head.  We named the female Apple and the male Pumpkin.


Apple is the more skiddish of the two.  She spent a lot of time looking around, ears moving, and didn’t venture far from the edge of the woods.  A few times she ran back into the woods and reappeared a little while later.


Pumpkin spent most of his time eating the clover in our lawn.  He kept his head down and came really close to our house.  I didn’t snap pictures when he was close because I didn’t want to scare him away.

To see who else is strolling today, visit the Quiet Country House.



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3 responses to “Apple and Pumpkin

  1. How sweet! Don’t you just love your new neighbors? This kind of makes up for the sad baby fawn incident earlier this summer, doesn’t it? Your backyard must be a safe haven for these little critters. I could drop some apples off that have dropped in the orchards that “Apple” and “Pumpkin” might enjoy. The deer here just LOVE those apples!

  2. Jon

    apple and pumpkin?? come on… a little creativity would be nice.

  3. Wow, I’m pretty sure I left a comment here this morning! These two little ones are adorable and I love their names. I also love the way the light it hitting the grass in the first photo. It seems like something we wont see for a long while to come.

    So glad you strolled.

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