Holly Fair and Visit to the Historical Society


This morning my mom and I visited the town’s Holly Fairs at the Congregational Church and Historical Society.  Among the many baked goods, Christmas decorations, quilts, crafts, and other goodies, I spotted this wreath decorated with dried apple slices and gingerbread.  It smells so nice and cinnamony, I’m going to hang it in my kitchen window.


We walked from the church over to the Reynolds-Beers House, a historical house in town that’s owned by the Historical Society.


We took a walk through the house, and there were items for sale set up in each room.  However, we were more interested in the things that weren’t for sale.


One of seven fire places in the house.  This one was used for cooking.


A loom, set up in one of the bedrooms, was donated by a family in town.


A child’s bedroom, complete with toys and clothes.


The most exciting part of the visit was seeing this wedding dress.  When we read the card…


We realized that this was my great-grandmother Marion Rose’s sister Emma’s wedding dress! What a surprise!

I’m thankful to live in a town that is small enough to run into people I know wherever I go, and that we have such a rich history here.



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4 responses to “Holly Fair and Visit to the Historical Society

  1. What a fun discovery. It reminds me of when I went to an exhibit that showed photos of early 20th century barn-building, and there was my great grandfather on the rafters working in one of the pictures.
    You’ve got about 200 years on us, as far as history in one place, but, even so, I’m glad I live where I have so many connections.

  2. Aunt Wendy

    Emma Louise Harrison is who your cousin, Emma, is named after.

  3. Thanks, Aunt Wendy! I don’t ever remember meeting Aunt Emma, but I’ve certainly heard a lot about her!

  4. How fun!
    The last time I went to a historical home I laughed because it was filled with so many of the same things we use all the time inour own home.

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